10. Hunt for a Home

After 6 weeks in the desert, 2 and a half months of marriage, 5 and a half years together, my husband and I finally have our first home we chose together. 29 floors up, with incredible views of Al Reem Island, I'm not sure it will ever really sink in. Are we really doing this?... Continue Reading →

9. Welcome to Oman

What seems strange in other countries is probably not strange in the UAE. I'm currently sat in Muscat airport departure lounge, having just landed in arrivals an hour ago. Looking at my boarding pass, I'm nearly in the same seat, no doubt on the same plane returning to Abu Dhabi. I'm doing the well known... Continue Reading →

8. Hunt for an Identity

Nothing in the United Arab Emirates hurries - except the huge Nissan Patrols as they rush up behind you and flash until you move out of the way. It's a known fact to those who have moved to the country, and a lesson quickly learned to those who have just arrived, that things happen in... Continue Reading →

7. Hunt for a Network

I've been in the Middle East for nearly 4 weeks and I've been to malls, beaches, gyms and multiple bars and restaurants. As I start to build a life here, the natural progression is to build a network around me, to keep me sane and my marriage intact! I love spending time with my husband... Continue Reading →

6. Hunt for my Inner Athlete

I've always been 'fit' and always taken an interest in health, fitness and nutrition. An interest from a teen which ultimately led me to my career in nutrition and on to dietetics. Through school, I was quite a sporty kid, I loved PE and joined a gym through school, college and university. It has always... Continue Reading →

5. Welcome to Abu Dhabi

After two anxious days waiting to find out which Emirate we will be based, we found out we are staying in Abu Dhabi! The capital of this amazing country. This week we have been pretty proactive and adventurous. We've been to 3 CrossFit gyms, a night club, a beach, 4 malls and been house hunting.... Continue Reading →

4. Hunt Plus One

As I sit by the pool, 25 floors up, in the Marriott Downtown Abu Dhabi, with the entire floor to myself, I can't help but feel this all a bit surreal. Friday evening I packed my life into one suitcase and headed to a hotel at Heathrow for an early flight Saturday morning. Fast forward... Continue Reading →

3. Moving On

In 2014 my husband and I took on the challenge to open up a CrossFit affiliate in Weymouth. With no business experience, and personally no coaching experience, we embarked on a journey which would shape our lives and ultimately change my future. Fast forward 4 and a half years, the business has new owners and... Continue Reading →

2. A Hunt Wedding

Over a week has passed since becoming Mrs. Hunt and the day was perfect. The sun shone, people laughed, the drink flowed and we couldn't have wished for a better day. Set in the grounds of Athelhampton House, we made our vows in front of close friends and family. The temperature was around 30C, something... Continue Reading →

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