19. Hunt with Friends

Last month I turned 30. The big 3-0. Age has never really bothered me, it is what it is and everyone gets older. I don't wish I was still 21 and I definitely don't wish I was still 18. At the age of 30 I'm very happily married, I live in the Middle East, I... Continue Reading →

18. Hunt for Motivation

It has taken a while to write this next post, it was nearly complete over two weeks ago, but when I looked back and read through - I wasn't in the same frame of mind I am in now. It's easy to fall in to the trap of negativity, no matter where you are in... Continue Reading →

17. Hunt for New Trainers

What a difference 10 days can make. I am now in employment in the United Arab Emirates, I have a UAE driving license and have rented a car - all in the space of a week! Throwing my hat in the ring definitely worked - you don't get anywhere without being persistent, and some might... Continue Reading →

16. Hunt in 2019

A new year is often a time to make plans, set goals, make a change and look to the future. However, somethings don't change, except perhaps my coffee location. Today it's an independent coffee shop inside a barbers, to the south of the city. While the husband gets a trim, I'm trying to sharpen my... Continue Reading →

15. Hunt in Another Direction

When starting this blog, I thought it would be a good opportunity to document my thoughts and feelings whilst moving from the UK and settling in the UAE. I like sitting, often drinking coffee, looking at my surroundings and emptying my mind on to the page. I've had great feedback from my family and friends... Continue Reading →

14. Hunt for Adventure

I'm often sat drinking a coffee whilst writing. Today is no different, except it is a Costa not a Starbucks! Oh I am full of surprises. I'm sat outside looking across the water to downtown Abu Dhabi, and there are three jet skis buzzing around, making waves in the aqua blue water. It's hard to... Continue Reading →

13. Hunt in Dubai

I'm currently sat in Starbucks (obviously) in the Dubai Mall making good use of the charging facilities, as I've totally drained my phone from using Google Maps all morning. I've come to Dubai for an interview - or so I thought. It ended up being a very random chat with a clinic practice manager whose... Continue Reading →

12. Hunt for Residency

After the doom and gloom of my last post, my husband has finally been paid! What a relief, we can finally start living properly. We've bought a wardrobe - no more suitcase living - and some more homely bits for the apartment. Who knew the difference a couple of cushions would make! We also booked... Continue Reading →

11. Hunt for Salt

We've now been in our apartment for nearly two weeks and it's starting to feel a little bit more like home. We've got a huge sofa, which is ridiculously big but so comfy, a bed, oven, fridge, washing machine... and that's about it. I continue to live out of a suitcase despite being in the... Continue Reading →

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