18. Hunt for Motivation

It has taken a while to write this next post, it was nearly complete over two weeks ago, but when I looked back and read through – I wasn’t in the same frame of mind I am in now. It’s easy to fall in to the trap of negativity, no matter where you are in the world, and dwell on things that are out of your control.

I’ve been struggling with the realisation that I am not as fit as I think I should be. Working for a world renowned fitness company in Abu Dhabi, where elite CrossFit athletes work and play, you can become quite self critical. The CrossFit Open is here and that is a stark reality check for anyone. With my new job taking up most of my time, I have found it difficult to train how I want to, or how I’m used to. I like to train with other people in a class environment but occasionally have to train on my own after work at 8pm. You get a lot of time to think in your own head when you train alone!

But I’m trying to organise my life and take control. Time to take responsibility and control only those things I can. I have been waking up early and training – who knew training before the sun rises could actually be enjoyable! I love the feeling of getting in my car to drive to work, showered and refreshed, after hitting a workout and feeling those endorphins pump around my body. And when I workout on my own, I have a plan, I feel motivated. Me against me.

So I may not have an 80kg clean and jerk, and can’t string chest to bar pull ups together consistency – but in the bigger picture, what does it matter. I’m fit and healthy, with a few aches and pains here and there. I’m setting myself the challenge, to push myself to be the best that I can be. CrossFit is hard – physically, but especially mentally. Time to make a plan, take control and make myself proud.

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