17. Hunt for New Trainers

What a difference 10 days can make. I am now in employment in the United Arab Emirates, I have a UAE driving license and have rented a car – all in the space of a week! Throwing my hat in the ring definitely worked – you don’t get anywhere without being persistent, and some might say annoying. I have got myself a location manager job with an amazing gym with a world renowned brand, based out here in the UAE. Although not a dietetic job, I’m passionate about fitness, CrossFit and using my experiences from running an affiliate in the UK, to take the role and run with it.

The job came about quickly. I was interviewed and started 3 days later. Efficiency at its finest. This means a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders and perhaps my husband’s too. That little gremlin that sat there, weighing me down, a constant struggle. But now, two wages coming in to the household, and finally we can really start to settle and build our home. I feel a trip to IKEA coming. I can buy as much coffee as I want, knowing that I earned the money to pay for it. Having said that I did buy a new pair of trainers post interview from the husband’s wages – like getting new shoes for the first day at school. Least now I will be able to pay him back!

My whole mood and outlook has changed since getting a job. My independence has returned, I feel confident and have re-found my purpose. I’m willing to work hard to achieve both mine and my husband’s goals, our future plans we spoke about sitting on the couch in the UK.

The Hunt for Holly builds…

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