16. Hunt in 2019

A new year is often a time to make plans, set goals, make a change and look to the future. However, somethings don’t change, except perhaps my coffee location. Today it’s an independent coffee shop inside a barbers, to the south of the city. While the husband gets a trim, I’m trying to sharpen my mind with a strong flat white. It is definitely a strong one!

For Christmas we flew back to the UK, to a busy and well orchestrated trip, consisting of a 1000 miles on the road. Although exhausting, it was lovely to see friends and family up and down the country, eat a lot and generally be merry. I was worried about going back without a job, to the life we once had, perhaps be judged for my housewife status. I was worried I wouldn’t want to come back to the desert and I’d pine for the routine, the familiarity and the every day. However, I’m proud that we made that leap and took a risk thousands of miles away and that journey back to the airport wasn’t as painful as once thought.

New Year’s Eve in Abu Dhabi was amazing. Stood in a roof top bar in the Four Seasons hotel, we watched the fireworks launch from the water. Where else would we rather be then the desert. This is starting to feel like home.

Although still no solid job leads, I feel things are moving in the right direction. A brand new hospital, in its final weeks of construction downtown, has been thoroughly bombarded through multiple different medias, and I am now in their ‘Talent Acquisition Pool’. A new CrossFit gym is opening up closer to where we live, and again I have ‘thrown my hat in the ring’. Inshallah. I just need someone to give me a shot and I can prove what I can do.

The Hunt for Holly continues…

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