15. Hunt in Another Direction

When starting this blog, I thought it would be a good opportunity to document my thoughts and feelings whilst moving from the UK and settling in the UAE. I like sitting, often drinking coffee, looking at my surroundings and emptying my mind on to the page. I’ve had great feedback from my family and friends back home, but also found random people have read my blogs and started following it. Who knew that my babbling would be so interesting to people.

Dietetic jobs, as I know them, are few and far between here and the title doesn’t seem to be as protected as in the UK. With a lot of stalking and brashness, I have made contact with a few of clinical dietitians in the large hospital near to where I live, and it’s all about connections here! Of course with Christmas just around the corner, people have annual leave so it’s a waiting game to see if I can even do some shadowing. It also sounds like the job that was advertised and filled previously, has not yet been solidly recruited.

With the realisation that I may not land a dietitian role soon, I’ve started expanding my search. It’s difficult to look at a very dietetic focused CV, and expand on previous skills and ‘beef up’ roles I had before my dietetic career. It has however, given me a chance to reflect on what I enjoy, and what I would want to do as a job. I enjoy writing, obviously, and have been thinking about combining my love for writing and my knowledge of nutrition. But in a flooded market, where everyone is an ‘expert’ because they read a quote in italics on Instagram, it may not be the lucrative business I’m after. I enjoy social media, who doesn’t, but I especially enjoy the marketing side of it. Running a business for over three years, with the only advertising being social media, I have a pretty good idea what works and what doesn’t. I wonder if someone will pay me to manage their social media. My current lack of marketing qualifications doesn’t get me far when applying for digital marketing jobs either.

I really enjoy eating breakfast! Maybe I could be a breakfast critic across Abu Dhabi, and never pay for breakfast again – I can only dream. With a few leads in different directions, including gym based, I’m hoping the beginning of 2019 will be the positive start needed, as the momentum gathers at the end of 2018.

The Hunt for Holly rolls on…

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