14. Hunt for Adventure

I’m often sat drinking a coffee whilst writing. Today is no different, except it is a Costa not a Starbucks! Oh I am full of surprises. I’m sat outside looking across the water to downtown Abu Dhabi, and there are three jet skis buzzing around, making waves in the aqua blue water. It’s hard to believe it is December and in two weeks we will be flying back to the UK for Christmas. Despite being a Muslim country, there is a large Christmas tree outside the mall where I am, and Christmas songs in some of the shops.

The past few weeks have been quite surreal, and often what my husband and I chatted about while sat on the couch in the UK on dark, rainy Sunday afternoons. Sometimes you have to take a step back from the roller coaster that is job hunting, visa obtaining and bill paying and look at the opportunities and potential adventures in front of you.

The final race of the Formula 1 season happens at Yas Marina circuit over a weekend at the end of November. Huge yachts roll into town and park up in the marina. Huge, as in the biggest yachts you’ve ever seen, bigger than a house. Four to five storey luxury, with beautiful people aboard drinking champagne, and watching the racing action from their decks. We were lucky enough to get tickets to watch the qualifying on the Saturday, whilst enjoying a 7 hour brunch in the hotel over the race track. Who even does that? To top it off, Sam Smith was performing at the after show – his last show on his world tour. So there I was, stood in an outdoor arena with thousands of people, singing my little heart out to ‘Stay With Me’. Amazing.

Although some days are hard and lack purpose, and it’s difficult to stay motivated, I’ve just got to step back and look at the bigger picture. Find the next opportunity, find the next adventure.

The Hunt for Holly continues…

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