12. Hunt for Residency

After the doom and gloom of my last post, my husband has finally been paid! What a relief, we can finally start living properly. We’ve bought a wardrobe – no more suitcase living – and some more homely bits for the apartment. Who knew the difference a couple of cushions would make! We also booked our flights back to the UK at Christmas, which has somehow snuck up on us and is next month. Booking the flights has made me miss the UK, something which also snuck up on me. I haven’t lived near my parents for years, and of course I miss them, but I miss totally random things like Sainsbury’s and bacon sandwiches on a Saturday afternoon!

I’m no further forward with getting a dietetic job. As per Arab life, the meeting/interview hasn’t happened and I’m awaiting to see if anything else comes of it. I’ve had a couple of emails from recruitment agencies enquiring about my availability, hopefully something will come of it. I’ve also started to look a little further a field towards Dubai to see if there are any dietetic jobs there. I’m not giving up, it has really made me realise my passion for dietetics.

I’m still trying to get my visa sorted, and am currently in a bit of limbo. Ben is my sponsor but basically I’m trying to get a sticker in my passport to say I have residency. I don’t know the ins and outs but we’ve jumped through a lot of hoops and still not really much further forward. On a positive, I don’t have to fly to Oman again. I’ve done a lot of travelling across the city in taxis from one medical centre to another centre, to somewhere else, only to find I need another document or my husband’s ID or a medical card which doesn’t exist. I’ll get there in the end.

We’ve been to a couple more brunches with friends which ended up a bit messy and now it’s ‘winter’ here in UAE, the temperature is so good. We sat outside on an evening, at a roof top bar and watched the rugby. Who do we think we are? The next few weeks we have other amazing things to look forward to like the Dubai CrossFit Champs and the Formula 1 at Yas Marina! Although life in the desert can be frustrating, it definitely has its perks.

The Hunt for Holly continues…

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