11. Hunt for Salt

We’ve now been in our apartment for nearly two weeks and it’s starting to feel a little bit more like home. We’ve got a huge sofa, which is ridiculously big but so comfy, a bed, oven, fridge, washing machine… and that’s about it. I continue to live out of a suitcase despite being in the country for nearly 2 months.

This is because my husband has still not been paid, and unfortunately the money we brought with us and our wedding gift money has ran out. We are totally deflated and upset as this is not how our new life was suppose to start. We both gave up great jobs to be here and feel a bit let down by it all. No one seems to have an answer or a definitive date as to when he’ll get paid. Having said that, this isn’t the first bump in the road we have run in to and most certainly won’t be the last. Credit card it is!

Now I have an oven I can finally get back to eating better and more healthy. The temptation to order any food you can think of, delivered directly to your door, however is most definitely there! I’m getting used to the craziness that is the supermarket and the horror that is the price of everything. Unlike UK supermarkets which have an order, supermarkets here don’t. Tortilla wraps are in about 3 places, bread is somewhere else and the ice cream is next to the chicken. Then comes the spice aisle. All I needed was simple table salt. Living in the melting pot that is the UAE brings with it flavours from across the world, and means there are hundreds of flavours, condiments and spices to choose from. I found the salt and had to choose from 16 different kinds! I’ll tackle the spices next time.

This week has been tough. I found out the job I applied for in the fantastic hospital close by has already gone, and I’m back to square one with the job hunt. I’m feeling extra pressure now especially with our financial situation. But a glimmer of hope came through on email yesterday and I have been invited to meet with a team for a potential opening in early 2019. I feel much better that someone has taken the time to read my CV and contact me. I guess I need to buy a professional outfit to wear… pass me the credit card!

The Hunt for Holly continues…

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